Properties of Aluminium Gallium Arsenide

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  • Year: 1993

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AlGaAs is the most widely studied and applied of the ternary semiconductors. An international array of 30 experts have contributed under the editorship of a world authority on AlGaAs, Dr. S. Adachi of Gunma University, Japan. Subjects covered: structural, mechanical, elastic, lattice vibrational and thermal properties; band structure; optical properties; electro-optical properties; carrier transport; surfaces, interfaces and contacts; impurity and defect centres; lattice dislocations, 2D carrier transport, real space transfer band offsets and electro-optic effects in AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructures.

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As a reference volume it covers all the properties of the material which are important to anyone working in the electronics or optoelectronics areas. Contemporary Physics, 1993.

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