Properties of Wide Bandgap II-VI Semiconductors

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  • Year: 1995

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Scope: Semiconductors comprising elements from groups II and VI of the periodic table and having a large energy gap (e g ZnSe) are generating intense R&D activity world-wide largely as a result of their blue green diodes. To review the accumulating knowledge and provide an up-to-date state-of-the-art picture 34 scientists from leading research groups in the USA, Europe and Japan have pooled their knowledge under the editorship of Dr. Bhargava. The book is illustrated, structured for reference and deeply indexed.

Book review

"...highly recommended both for workers in the field and to those in the 'competitor' field of the group III nitrides." Engineering Science and Education Journal, 1997.

Book readership

Materials scientists, crystal growers, solid state physicists, electronic engineers.


Scientific/technical reference, postgraduate and professional/research.

Book contents

Elastic properties; Piezoelectric constants; Structural and thermal properties; Energy gaps of binaries, ternaries and quarternaries; Fermi pinning; Bandgap engineering; Nanocrystals; Bulk and epitaxial growth; Optical absorption; Excition binding energies; Nonlinear coefficients; Carrier mobilities; Minority carrier lifetimes; Deep impurity levels; Barrier heights; Long-lived II-IV lasers; Optically pumped lasers; Electron beam pumped lasers; Electroluminescence; Phosphors; and Solar cells.


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