Properties of III-V Quantum Wells and Superlattices

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Scope: The characterisation and precisely controlled building of atomic-scale multilayers have been the subject of intensive R&D worldwide.

Nanometric structures based on III-V semiconductors have attracted particular attention. Since 1970, around 15,000 papers have been published in all, of which 10,000 have appeared in the last 6 years. The resulting improved materials control is enabling engineers to achieve major improvements in the performance of microelectronic and optoelectronic devices such as QW lasers, tunnelling devices, modulators, switches and photodetectors.

In this book, the large volume of research results which have accumulated is evaluated and distilled down to a useful, manageable concentration of up-to-date knowledge for electronic engineers and solid-state physicists. This has been carried out by an invited international team of over 50 specialists under the editorship of Professor Bhattacharya with support from INSPEC, who also compiled the subject index.

There are 40 individually-written, self-contained modules ('Datareviews'), each specially commissioned to fit into a pre-determined structure. Subjects reviewed in depth include historical perspective, theory, epitaxial growth and doping, structure (e.g. X-ray diffraction), electronic properties, optical properties, modulation doping and devices. Each Datareview comprises tables, text, figures and expert guidance to the literature, as appropriate.

'Properties of III-V quantum wells and superlattices' is intended both as a look-up source of evaluated data and as a finely-structured state-of-the-art review for academic and industrial R&D workers.

Book review

"The coverage is comprehensive, from the electronic band structure, through epitaxial growth, structural, electronic and optical properties, and modulation doping to device applications& opens with three reviews which put the whole field in perspective." Electronics and Communications Engineering Journal, 1997.

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