Properties of Crystalline Silicon

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Scope: Silicon, as used in silicon chips, is the material on which the information society depends for its power to process information.

In 1988 Inspec published the standard reference source on silicon properties and since then an enormous amount of Si R&D has taken place, with a hundred thousand papers published over 1989-1998. Now, for the benefit of academics, process developers and device simulation engineers working in the area of silicon microelectronics Prof. Hull has brought together the specialised expertise of over 100 invited authors from the USA, Japan and Europe coordinated by 18 chapter editors to concisely review its properties in a structured way.

The result is a unique source of reference comprising 1000 large pages of tables, graphs, diagrams, photographs and illuminative text divided into over 124 manageable modules ('Datareviews') ordered and deeply indexed for ease of reference. As well as providing data and insight of immediate value it also gives expert guidance to over 3000 key references.

Book review

"This review is a good example of what the whole EMIS Series aims to do: give brief, well structured and clearly organised material. The reviews are intermediate in format between a monograph chapter and an encyclopedia of the book are written by top experts in the field and many recent discoveries and findings are taken into consideration& ...will find a place not only on the desk of the specialist but also on the bookshelves of university libraries, research institutes and companies." Materials Research Bulletin, 1999

Book readership

Condensed matter physicists, materials scientists, semiconductor process developers and electronic device simulation engineers at graduate and post-graduate level.

Book contents

Melt growth; Epitaxial growth; Structural and mechanical properties; Thermal properties; Surfaces; Structural modelling; Band structure; Impurities; Dopants; Optical properties; Photoconductivity and photogenerated carriers; Implantation/irradiation; Gettering; Etching; Metal-silicon contacts; Detailed subject index.

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