Properties of Amorphous Carbon

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  • Year: 2008

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Scope: Amorphous carbon has a wide range of properties that are primarily controlled by the different bond hybridisations possible in such materials. This allows for the growth of an extensive range of thin films that can be tailored for specific applications. 

Films can range from those with high transparency and are hard and diamond-like, through to those which are opaque, soft and graphitic-like. Films with a high degree of sp3 bonding giving the diamond-like properties are used widely by industry for hard coatings. Application areas including field emission cathodes, MEMS, electronic devices, medical and optical coatings are now close to market.

World experts in amorphous carbon have been drawn together to produce this comprehensive commentary as to the current state and future prospects of this highly functional material.

Book review

"The book would be useful for a corporate, or academic library; it is a very useful book on the topic." E-STREAMS, vol.6, no.7, review no.2559.

"The book is, by far, the most comprehensive on the amorphous carbon ever published. Not only professional researchers and engineers in physics, chemistry, materials science, and related topics, but also students and other readers will welcome this book." G.I. Rusu, Memoriile Sectiilor Stiintifice, SERIA IV, Tomul XXVI, 2003.

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Materials scientists, condensed matter physicists, electronic engineers.


Scientific/technical reference, postgraduate and professional/research.

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