2008+ Solved Problems in Electromagnetics

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  • Year: 2007

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This extremely useful learning resource is for students of electromagnetics and those who wish to refresh and solidify their understanding of its challenging applications. Problem-solving drill helps develop confidence. This textbook goes where few others do; by offering the answers and complete solutions to the chapter exercises. Noted Professor Syed Nasar has divided the book's problems into topic areas and presents a wide array of problems, followed immediately by their solutions.

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Key Features:

Learn the best strategies for solving tough problems in step-by-step detail.

Prepare effectively for exams.

Use the Index to quickly locate the type of problems you need to review.

Can be saved and used again for refresher.

Instructors: great source for extra homework, quizzes, and exams!


About the author

Syed A. Nasar, Ph.D. University of Kentucky (Emeritus). He wrote many books, including three Schaum's Outlines, Electric Machines and Electromechanics, Basic Electrical Engineering, (with J.J. Cathey), and Electric Power Systems, a power-systems text for Macmillan; and a textbook for McGraw-Hill's College Division, Introduction to Electrical Engineering. He was also the editor of the monthly "Electric Machines and Power Systems."

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