In this thorough overview, Mihai Albulet presents a full account of RF amplifiers and shows that understanding large-signal RF signals is simply a matter of understanding basic principles and their applications. In addition to discussing the basic concepts used in the analysis and design of RF power amplifiers, detailed mathematical derivations indicate the assumptions and limitations of the presented results, allowing the reader to calculate their usefulness in practical designs. Covered are amplification classes, circuit topologies, bias circuits, and matching networks. 

Book contents

1 Introduction 

1.1 Ideal Parallel-Tuned Circuit 

1.2 Ideal Series-Tuned Circuit 

1.3 Efficiency 

1.4 Collector Efficiency 

1.5 Overall Efficiency 

1.6 Power-Added Efficiency 

1.7 Power Output Capability 

1.8 References 


2 Classic RF Power Amplifiers 

2.1 Class A Amplifiers 

2.2 Class B and AB Amplifiers 

2.3 Class C Amplifiers 

2.4 Bias Circuits 

2.5 Large Signal Parameters

 2.6 Narrowband Matching Networks 

2.7 Broadband Matching Circuits 

2.8 Gain Leveling and VSWR Correction 

2.9 Amplitude Modulation 

2.10 Class C Frequency Multipliers 

2.11 Stability of RF Power Amplifiers 

2.12 Thermal Calculation and Mounting Considerations 

2.13 Notes 2.14 References 


3 Class D RF Power Amplifiers 

3.1 Idealized Operation of the Class D Amplifier 

3.2 Practical Considerations 

3.3 Class BD Amplifier 

3.4 Class DE Amplifier 

3.5 Class D Frequency Multipliers 

3.6 CAD of Class D Circuit 

3.8 Notes 

3.9 References


 4 Class E Power Amplifiers 

4.1 Idealized Operation of the Class E Amplifier 

4.2 Practical Considerations 

4.3 Amplitude Modulation of the Class E Amplifier 

4.4 Amplifiers with Finite DC Feed Inductance 

4.5 Other Class E Frequency Multiplier 

4.6 Class E Frequency Multiplier 

4.7 CAD of the Class E Amplifier 

4.8 Class E Versus Class B, C, and D Amplifier

 4.9 A Condition Required to Obtain ... 

4.10 Notes 4.11 References 


5 Class F Power Amplifiers 

5.1 Class F1 Power Amplifiers 

5.2 Class F2 Power Amplifiers 

5.3 Class F3 Power Amplifiers 

5.4 References 


6 Class S Power Amplifiers and Modulators 

6.1 Class S Power Amplifier 

6.2 Class S Modulator 

6.3 Practical Considerations 

6.4 Notes 

6.5 References 


7 RF Power Transistors 

7.1 Bipolar Junction Transistors 

7.2 MOS Transistors 

7.3 Notes 

7.4 References Bibliography Index


About the author

Mihai Albulet is an international expert on radio communications, analog/RF circuits, digital circuits, and firmware design. He is currently an electrical engineer with Microsoft Corporation, where he is involved with wireless design and development.

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