Propagation of Radiowaves, 3rd Edition

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  • Year: 2011

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  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-578-2

  • Pagination: 500pp.

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Propagation of Radiowaves introduces the basic concepts and mechanisms of radiowave propagation engineering in both the troposphere and ionosphere, an understanding of which is fundamental to the effective use of the radio spectrum for radiocommunication. Reflecting the wide experience of the exceptional group of authors, the contents provide a firm background to established theory and introduce the most appropriate models, methods and procedures which are of use to spectrum planners and system designers and operators in assessing the estimated performance of radio systems.

The field of radio communications continues to change rapidly and the third edition of this outstanding and successful book has been fully updated to reflect the latest developments. The relevant Recommendations of ITU-R Study Group 3 are discussed and put into context.

Book readership

This book is essential reading for professionals involved in the planning, design and operation of radio systems, as well as academics and postgraduate students in the field.

Book contents

Introduction to radio waves and electromagnetic wave propagation; Fading, statistics, and diversity; Radio noise, signal-to-noise, and link budget; Propagation in clear air; Reflection and scattering; Multipath propagation; Diffraction; Propagation in precipitation and clouds; The ionosphere and ionospheric propagation; Propagation below 2 MHz; Point to point fixed links; Mobile macro cells; Mobile micro, pico and femto cells; Fixed wireless access and radio LANs; Earth-space propagation; Terahertz propagation; Computer modelling; Numerical intensive methods

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