Optical Fibers and RF: a natural combination

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  • Year: 2004

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The optical fiber industry has experienced a period of consolidation and reorganization and is now poised for a new surge in growth. To take advantage of that growth, and to respond to the demand to use fiber more efficiently, designers need a better understanding of fiber optics. 

Taking the approach that optical fibers are an extension of RF-based communications, the author explains basic optical concepts, applications, and systems; the nature and performance characteristics of optical fibers; and optical sources, connectors and splices. Subsequent chapters explore current applications of fiber optic technology. 

Appropriate for use as a college text, this is an accessible and thorough treatment of fiber optics, without an intimidating amount of mathematical derivations.

Book contents

Chapter 1: From RF to Optical Fibers 

Chapter 2: Optical Fiber Characteristics 

Chapter 3: Optical Fiber Performance 

Chapter 4: Optical Sources for Fibers 

Chapter 5: Optical Detectors and Receivers 

Chapter 6: Optical Components 

Chapter 7: Optical Fiber Systems 

Chapter 8: Future Directions - Telecommunications 

Appendix: Review Problems 



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