Antennas: Fundamentals, Design, Measurement, 3rd Edition

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  • Year: 2012

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This comprehensive new edition is a senior undergraduate or first-year graduate level textbook on antenna fundamentals, design, performance analysis, and measurements.

In addition to its use as a formal course textbook, the book's pragmatic style and emphasis on the fundamentals make it especially useful to engineering professionals who need to grasp the essence of the subject quickly.

This new edition provides broad coverage of antenna types and phenomena, for operations at very low radio frequencies, as well as frequencies up to those of submillimeter wavelengths.

Solutions to problems are included at the end of the book and complete answers are available for instructors who adopt the book. The appendices provide technical depth to the chapters and downloadable data files are referenced in the chapters for providing a more complete treatment of antennas.

In the Deluxe Edition, a full featured copy of Mathcad 14.0 is included so readers can easily create their own computer analyses. The downloadable data files provide computer solutions in both Mathcad and MATLAB to problems in the areas that follow:

  • Reflection coefficients for surfaces versus dielectric properties, conductivity, polarization, surface roughness, and incidence angle
  • Earth's multipath effects on antenna patterns versus surface properties, antenna and observation heights and separation distance, and polarization for flat and spherical earth models
  • Radiating near and far fields from arrays and continuous aperture antennas, as functions of aperture phase and amplitude distributions and random aperture errors.

Key Features

  • Complete solutions available to adopting course instructors.
  • Retains the clarity of writing and minimum of required math and theory so that a broad range of readers will benefit.
  • Includes a brand new chapter on Electronically Steered Arrays, so important to understanding the advances in digital technology as they apply to high-speed electronics and applications in radar and communications today
  • Problems and Exercises are provided at the end of each chapter for homework or self-study tests of understanding
  • Material and reviews have been provided by leading antenna experts and instructors: Donald Bodnar, Ed Joy, and Andrew Peterson

Supplementary material files can be found on IET Digital Library.

About the Author

Maurice Long, Ph.D. is currently a private radar consultant and adjunct faculty at Southern Polytechnic State University, Marietta, GA. While at Georgia Institute of Technology, he managed the development of a number of radar systems and held positions of principal research engineer, professor of electrical engineering, and Director of the Engineering Experiment Station, now known as Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI).

Book readership

  • Senior or first year graduate level
  • A more direct path to fundamentals as they apply to application, without the need for proficiency in vector calculus and Maxwell's equations
  • INSTRUCTORS: Complete solutions, supplemental Mathcad/MATLAB files to help with computer analysis

Book contents

  1. Electromagnetic Waves
  2. Transmission Lines
  3. Antenna Parameters
  4. Basic Radiators and Feed Methods
  5. Arrays
  6. Reflectors and Lenses
  7. Antennas with Special Properties
  8. Electronically Steered Arrays
  9. Antenna Measurements
    Answers to Selected Problems
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