Open Electromagnetic Waveguides

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  • Year: 1996

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-896-3

  • Pagination: 399pp.

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Scope: A fundamental treatment of open waveguides, which are widely used in integrated circuits (MICs and MMICs), optics and also many geophysical applications. Since both propagation and radiation phenomena co-exist in open guides, they are common in practice but hard to understand theoretically. This text starts with the basic electromagnetics and develops all the mathematical tools needed to understand these open transmission media.

Book contents

1: Introduction to open waveguides; 2: Electromagnetic theory; 3: Planar dielectric waveguides; 4: Bound modes by approximate methods; 5: Step discontinuities; 6: Bound modes by transverse resonance diffraction (TRD); 7: Complete spectra; 8: Applications; References; Index. Readership: Electrical engineering and physics; especially electromagnetics.

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