Propagation of Radiowaves, 2nd Edition

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  • Year: 2003

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-102-5

  • Pagination: 480pp.

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The field of radio communications continues to change rapidly and the second edition of this outstanding book, based on a popular IEE Vacation School, has been fully updated to reflect the latest developments. The introduction of new services and the proliferation of mobile communications have produced a growing need for wider bandwidths and the consequent need for frequency reuse. 

This book introduces the basic concepts and mechanisms of radiowave propagation engineering in both the troposphere and ionosphere, and includes greater emphasis on the needs of digital technologies and new kinds of radio systems. The content reflects the wide experience of an exceptional group of authors and the emphasis throughout is on modelling and prediction methods and the relevant ITU Radiocommunication sector recommendations. Propagation of Radiowaves, 2nd Edition is essential reading for professionals involved in planning, designing and operating radio systems.

Book readership

Telecommunications engineers, students and researchers in electronic and communications engineering.


Academic, professional, reference.

Book contents

1: Radiowave Propagation and Spectrum Use, L. Barclay; 

2: Basic Principles 1, L. Barclay; 

3: Basic Principles 2 D. Bacon; 

4: Propagation data requirements for radiocommunciations system planning, T. Hewitt; 

5: Electro-magnetic propagation, M J Mehler; 

6: Reflection and scattering from rough surfaces, D. Bacon; 

7. Clear-Air Characteristics Of The Troposphere K.H. Craig; 

8 Introduction to Diffraction D. Bacon; 

9: Short Range Propagation, L. Barclay; 

10: Numerically Intensive Propagation Prediction Methods, C C Constantinou; 

11: Outdoor Mobile Propagation, S. Saunders; 

12: Propagation In Rain And Clouds, J W F Goddard; 

13: The Propagation Aspects of Broadcasting at VHF and UHF, J Middleton; 

14: Propagation aspects of mobile spread spectrum networks, M A Beach and S A Allpress; 

15: Basic physics of the ionosphere, H. Rishbeth; 

16: Ionospheric propagation, P. Cannon and P. Bradley; 

17: Ionospheric prediction methods and Models, P. Cannon; 

18: Surface waves, and sky waves below 2 MHz, J.D. Milsom; 

19: Terrestrial line-of -site links: Recommendation ITU-R P.530, R G Howell; 

20: The principal elements of Recommendation ITU-R P.452, T. Hewitt; 

21: Earth Space propagation: Recommendation ITU-R P.618 R G Howell; Index.

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