Geometrical Theory of Diffraction

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  • Year: 1994

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-830-7

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Scope: This important book on electromagnetic theory has been translated and substantially updated from the authors' original Russian text. It details the ideas underlying geometrical theory of diffraction (GTD) as well as its relationships with other EM theories. It is considered that the work of authors in the former Soviet Union has led the West by 10-15 years in this area, so this treatise is eagerly awaited. Extra material and background has been added specifically for the western reader (who may be poorly versed in the work of other Russian authors).

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Electrical engineering and physics - theoretical research and design engineers working in areas of electromagnetism, antennas, acoustics, microwave circuits and electronics.

Book contents

Fundamentals of GTD; Ray fields and reflections from smooth bodies; Caustic and focal expansions; Diffracted waves; GTD versus physical optics methods; Diffraction by bodies of complex geometry; Diffraction at the open end of a waveguide; Methods and results of asymptotic diffraction theory; Appendices; Index.

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