Approximate Boundary Conditions in Electromagnetics

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  • Year: 1995

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-849-9

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Scope: Commonplace use of non-metallic materials and composites in vehicles and other environments has led to a need to compute scattering and other electromagnetic phenonema in their presence. 

This book provides the first comprehensive treatment of a variety of approximate boundary conditions in electromagnetics. The genesis and properties of impedance, resistive sheet, conductive sheet, generalised and absorbing boundary conditions are discussed. Applications to diffraction by numerous canonical geometries and impedance structures are presented. Accuracy and uniqueness issues are addressed and high frequency techniques such as physical and geometrical theory of diffraction are introduced. Many of the results presented are previously unpublished.

Book readership

Scientists and engineers concerned with electromagnetics, chiefly in electrical and electronic engineering, also in applied physics and mathematics.

Book contents

Introduction; First order conditions; Applications to planar structures; Application to impedance wedges; Second order conditions; GIBC applications to cylindrical bodies; Absorbing boundary conditions; Appendicies: A - Generalised Rytov analysis; B - Special functions; C - Steepest descent method; D - PO diffraction coefficient for impedance wedges; E - Determination of constants; Index.
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