Electromagnetic Mixing Formulas and Applications

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  • Year: 1999

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-772-0

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Scope: A definitive treatment of the mathematical analysis of macroscopic dielectric and magnetic properties of geophysical, biological and other materials, including special reference to chiral and nonlinear material, the effects of structure and anistrophy are discussed in detail, as well as mixtures involving chiral and nonlinear materials, high-frequency scattering phenomena and dispersive properties are also discussed.

This book includes analysis of special phenomena that the mixing process can cause, such as the difference in character between a mixture and its constituent parts. Mixing results are applied to different materials in geophysics and biology. References are also made to the historical perspectives of dielectric modelling. Examples are included throughout the text.

Book readership

Electrical and electronic engineering; applied physics; applied mathematics; especially electromagnetics and materials science.


Postgraduate; reference for research engineers and graduate students

Book contents

1: Introduction; 2: Physics behind the dielectric constant; 3: Classical mixing approach; 4: Advanced mixing principles; 5: Anisotropic mixtures; 6: Chiral and bi-anisotropic mixtures; 7: Nonlinear mixtures; 8: Difficulties and uncertainties in classical mixing; 9: Generalized mixing rules; 10: Towards higher frequencies; 11: Dispersion and time-domain analysis; 12: Special phenomena caused by mixing; 13: Applications in geophysics and composite materials; 14: Concluding remarks; Appendix A: Vector and dyadic analysis; Appendix B: Collection of basic mixing rules; References; Index.
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