Spectral Theory and Excitation of Open Structures

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  • Year: 1996

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-876-5

  • Pagination: 411pp.

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Scope: Open resonators, open waveguides and open diffraction gratings are used extensively in modern millimetre and submillemetre technology, spectroscopy and radio engineering. In this book, the physical processes in these open electromagnetic structures are analysed using a specially constructed spectral theory. The solution of electromagnetic problems in open structures requires a different approach from that used for closed structures because of radiation loss, edges, multiconnected cross-sections and the need to take into account the behaviour of electromagnetic fields at infinity.

This book, which is written by two authorities in the field of mathematical modelling, should be of interest to all engineers concerned with the analysis of electrodynamic structures.

Book readership

Electrical engineering and physics; especially electromagnetics.

Book contents

Part 1 - Foundation of spectral theory; Part 2 - Fundamental frequencies and excitation of open waveguide resonators; Part 3 - Spectral theory and excitation of diffractional gratings.

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