Ionospheric Radio

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  • Year: 1990

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-86341-186-1

  • Pagination: 600pp.

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This book is aimed at professional scientists, engineers and students who need an intermediate-level reference and/or text.  Students of aeronomy and radio wave propagation are introduced to basic wave theory in absorbing, anisotropic and dispersive media and to the physics of production, loss, and movement of plasma in the ionosphere presence of the geomagnetic field.  Various radio techniques are described, and applications to the interpretation of ionospheric data to radio communications problems includes the use of numerical and physical models and prediction techniques, and methods for calculating signal strengths are presented.

Reference lists are extensive, and a section of questions tests the reader's understanding of the material.

Book readership

Professional scientists, engineers and students.


Academic, professional, reference

Book contents

1. Characteristics of waves and plasma. 2. Solar-terrestrial relationships. 3. Magnetoionic theory. 4. Radio soundings of the ionosphere. 5. Morphology of the ionosphere. 6. Oblique propagation. 7. Amplitude and phase. 8. Earth-space propagation. 9. Ionospheric disturbances and their effects on radio communication. 10. Low, very low, and extremely low frequencies. 11. Medium frequencies. 12. High-frequency propagation predictions. 13. Propagation on very high frequencies. 14. Ionospheric modification. 15. Exercises.

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