Channels, Propagation and Antennas for Mobile Communications

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  • Year: 2003

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-084-4

  • Pagination: 784pp.

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This exceptional book introduces the reader to the principles, theory and applications of physical layer wireless/mobile communications. In the area of wireless, the antennas, propagation and the radio channel used are interrelated; this book offers an explanation of that relationship which is fundamental to the development of systems with high spectral efficiency.

 The book emphasises the basic principles needed to establish an understanding of this technology. However, the tools required - such as the mathematics and statistics - are treated in the manner of a practical handbook, avoiding detailed derivations. The reader will develop a clear insight into the physics and effects of multipath and the use of multipath channels for communications. Propagation modelling, simulation and measurement, scattering, antenna principles, array antennas, adaptive antennas and smart antennas are also covered.

This book will be a valuable reference for senior undergraduates and postgraduates in electrical engineering and communications. Practising design engineers, system designers and engineering managers will also gain a sound understanding of the field.

Book review

'...a valuable reference book for postgraduate students, researchers, and engineers interested in profound understanding of the multipath propagation phenomenon and antennas as well as simulating and measuring mobile communication systems.' IEEE Radio Communications, June 2004

Book readership

Telecommunications engineers and antenna designers and researchers.


Academic, professional, reference.

Book contents

Preface; 1 Background and Introduction to Mobile Communications; 2. Multipath Propagation in Mobile Communications; 3. Basic Multipath Mechanisms; 4. Propagation Modelling; 5 Short Term Channel Behaviour from the Two-path Model; 6. Short-Term Behaviour of Many-Path Models and Scenarios; 7. Aspects of Simulation and Measurement; Chapter 8 Antenna Principles; 9. Array Antennas in A Multipath Environment; Appendices; References; Index.
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