Advanced Electromagnetic Analysis of Passive and Active Planar Structures

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  • Year: 1999

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-763-8

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Scope: With increasing operating frequencies of digital electronic devices, limitations are becoming evident in existing modelling techniques. Elsewhere in electromagnetics itself there are new modelling challenges with the introduction of integrated planar microwave circuits, as neither conductors nor dielectrics can be considered ideal at these very high frequencies.

This book acts as a bridge between the mathematical abilities of the pure EM theorist and those of the FET circuit modeller; it combines the two fields by introducing analytical techniques encompassing the linear modelling of both passive and active structures, in particular FET structures. The resulting text will be of equal benefit to researchers in microwave and millimetric components and as an advanced textbook for specialised courses.

Book review

"This is a scholarly compact text that I thoroughly recommend to students and specialists alike who have in common the quest for advances in EM analysis and its application...excellent value." Electronics & Communications Engineering Journal, February 2001.

Book readership

Electrical and electronic engineering; applied physics; especially those specialising in electromagnetics.


Postgraduate; reference for research engineers and graduate students.

Book contents

1: Introduction; 2: Fundamentals of electromagnetics; 3: Propogation in closed waveguides; 4: Ideal planar waveguides on multilayered substrate: 2D analysis; 5: Passive and active planar waveguides on multilayered substrate: 2D analysis; 6: Passive and active planar waveguides on multilayered substrate: 3D analysis; Index.

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