Analysis of Metallic Antennas and Scatterers

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  • Year: 1994

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-807-9

  • Pagination: 208pp.

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Scope: The authors present a relatively simple, computer-oriented, general and unified approach to the analysis of metallic antennas and scatterers (of electrically small and medium sizes), based largely on their own original work. The method appears to offer superiority over existing alternatives by circumventing most of the difficulties encountered by those methods. It should be of considerable importance to working antenna engineers and researchers.

Book readership

Electrical engineering and applied physics - researchers and engineers working in electromagnetism, antennas and microwave engineering.

Book contents

Introduction; Modelling of geometry of metallic antennas and scatterers; Approximation of current along generalised wires and over generalised quadrilaterals; Treatment of excitation; Electromagnetic field of currents over generalised surface elements; Solution of equations for current distribution; Numerical examples illustrating the choice of optimum elements of the method; Numerical examples illustrating the possibilities of the method; References; Appendices; Index.

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