Theory and Design of Microwave Filters

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  • Year: 2001

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-777-5

  • Pagination: 368pp.

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Description: Microwave filters are vital components in a huge variety of electronic systems, including mobile radio, satellite communications and radar. This is a thorough, graduate-level text which provides a single source for filter design including basic circuit theory, network synthesis and the design of a variety of microwave filter structures. The philosophy is to present design theories followed by specific examples with numerical simulations of the designs, with pictures of real devices wherever possible. The book is aimed at designers, engineers and researchers working in microwave electronics who need to design or specify filters.

Book review

"...while this book covers state-of-the-art filter design techniques, it presents an overview of filter design, approximation theory, and realization techniques that many readers will appreciate. The book is easy to read and is above all practical." IEEE Microwave Magazine, September 2001

"Theory and Design of Microwave Filters is not a tutorial but a detailed and precise source for practical filter design. It is a good read, deriving the most important formulas and giving step-by-step design examples. It is an excellent practical reference, always focusing on the final realization, including manufacturing issues, tunability, and possible spurious modes, which makes it worthwhile reading for both the beginner in filter design and the experienced engineer." IEEE Circuits & Devices Magazine, July 2003

Book readership

For uppermost undergraduate and postgraduate students in electronic engineering; also electronics engineers and designers in industry.


Graduate / postgraduate, professional, reference.

Book contents

1: Introduction; 2: Basic network theory; 3: Design of lumped lowpass prototype networks; 4: Circuit transformations on lumped prototype networks; 5: TEM transmission line filters; 6: Waveguide filters; 7: Dielectric resonator filters; 8: Miniaturisation techniques for microwave filters; Index.


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