Asymptotic and Hybrid Methods in Electromagnetics

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  • Year: 2005

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  • ISBN: 978-0-86341-447-3

  • Pagination: 262 pp.

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Scope: Asymptotic methods provide considerable physical insight and understanding of diffraction mechanisms and are very useful in the design of electromagnetic devices such as radar targets and antennas. However, difficulties can arise when trying to solve problems using multipole and asymptotic methods together, such as in radar cross section objects. This new book offers a solution to this problem by combining these approaches into hybrid methods, therefore creating high demand for both understanding and learning how to apply asymptotic and hybrid methods to solve diffraction problems. The book provides the very latest and most comprehensive research on this subject.

Frederic Molinet is with MOTHESIM. Ivan Andronov is with St Petersburg University and Daniel Bouche is with Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique.

Book readership

Aimed at academic and industrial researchers involved in Electromagnetic Radiation and scattering problems, Post graduate students studying in Electromagnetics and Applied Mathematics and Acoustic Engineers.


Academic and industrial researchers, post graduate students.

Book contents

Asymptotic Theory of Diffraction. Electromagnetic Creeping Waves. Hybrid Diffraction Coefficients. Asymptotic Currents. Hybrid Methods.

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