Handbook of Vehicle Suspension Control Systems

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  • Year: 2013

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  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-633-8

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Handbook of Vehicle Suspension Control Systems surveys the state-of-the-art in advanced suspension control theory and applications.

Topics covered include:

  • An overview of intelligent vehicle suspension control systems
  • Intelligence-based vehicle active suspension adaptive control systems
  • Robust active control of an integrated suspension system
  • An interval type-II fuzzy controller for vehicle active suspension systems
  • Active control for actuator uncertain half-car suspension systems
  • Active suspension control with finite frequency approach
  • Fault-tolerant control for uncertain vehicle suspension systems via fuzzy control approach
  • H-infinity fuzzy control of suspension systems with actuator saturation
  • Design of sliding mode controllers for semi-active suspension systems with magnetorheological dampers
  • Joint design of controller and parameters for active vehicle suspension
  • System approach to vehicle suspension system control in CAE environment
  • An LMI approach to vibration control of vehicle engine-body systems with time delay
  • Frequency domain analysis and design of nonlinear vehicle suspension systems

About the authors

Honghai Liu is Head of the Intelligent Systems & Biomedical Robotics Group at the School of Creative Technologies, University of Portsmouth. His research focuses on machine intelligence, multisensor fusion, fault diagnostics, fuzzy and qualitative reasoning, knowledge representation, motion planning and their applications to embedded robotic systems and web-based systems.

Huijin Gao is Director of the Research Institute of Intelligent Control and Systems at Harbin Institute of Technology, China, where his research interests include networked control systems, signal processing, time-delay systems, data-driven control, automatic optical inspection, and opto-mechatronics integration to high-end equipment manufacturing.

Ping Li is Professor and President at Liaoning Shihua University, China. His research interests include model predictive control, adaptive control, process computer control, process optimization, applications of advanced process control technologies in industrial processes.

Book readership

With contributions from an international selection of researchers, Handbook of Vehicle Suspension Control Systems will find a place on the bookshelves of academic researchers and industrial practitioners in control engineering, particularly those working on applications for the automotive industry.


Book contents

  • State of the Art of Vehicle Intelligent Suspension Control Systems (Dong, X.).
  • Intelligence-based Vehicle Active Suspension Adaptive Control Systems (Cao, J., Li, P., Liu, H.)
  • Robust Active Control of an Integrated Suspension System (Du, H., Lam, J., Li, W., Zhang, N.)
  • An Interval Type-II Fuzzy Controller for Vehicle Active Suspension Systems (Cao, J., Li, P., Liu, H.)
  • Active Control for Actuator Uncertain Half-Car Suspension Systems (Li, H., Gao, H., Liu, H.)
  • Active Suspension Control with Finite Frequency Approach (Sun, W., Pan, H., Wang, P., Gao, H.)
  • Fault-Tolerant Control for Uncertain Vehicle Suspension Systems via Fuzzy Control Approach (Li, H., Gao, J., Liu, H.)
  • H-infinity Fuzzy Control of Suspension Systems with Actuator Saturation (Saifia, D., Chadli, M., Labiod, S.)
  • Design of Sliding Mode Controller for Semi-Active Suspension Systems with MR Dampers (Toyama, S., Yokoyama, M., Ikeda, F.)
  • Joint Design of Controller and Parameters for Active Vehicle Suspension (Zhan, W., Zhang Q., Liu, Y. Gao, H.)
  • System approach to vehicle suspension system control in CAE environment (Vladimir M. Popovic, Dragan D. Stamenkovic)”
  • Vibration Control of Vehicle Engine-Body Systems with Time Delay: an LMI Approach (Karimi, H.R.)
  • Frequency Domain Analysis and Design of Nonlinear Vehicle Suspension Systems (Chen, Y., Jing, X., Cheng, L.)
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