Eigenstructure Control Algorithms

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  • Year: 2011

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  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-259-0

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This book demonstrates that eigenstructure control theory can be easily adapted and infused into aircraft industry's stringent design practices. 

Thus practicing flight control engineers will find it useful to explore the use of the new design concepts discussed in the book. The book, being interdisciplinary in nature, encompassing control theory and flight dynamics should be of interest to both control and aeronautical engineers. In particular control researchers may find it interesting to explore extension of the theory to new multivariable control problem formulations. Finally the book should be of interest to graduate/doctoral students, keen on learning a multivariable control technique that is useful to design practical control systems.

Book readership

Students and professionals with an interest or working in aeronautical engineering.

Book contents

Eigenstructure assignment characterisation; Eigenstructure synthesis algorithm; Eigenstructure assignment by output feedback; Robust Eigenstructure assignment; Modal canonical observers; Model following control systems; Flight control system design guidelines; Aircraft lateral-directional handling qualities design; Aircraft longitudinal handling qualities design; Rotorcraft handling qualities design; Aircraft flutter control system design; Appendix A: relevant flight mechanics models; Appendix B: F-8C Aircraft state variable models; Appendix C: BO-105 Helicopter state variable models; Appendix D: Properties of singular matrix pencils; Appendix E: conversion of FPS units to SI units.


S. Srinathkumar, the author of Eigenstructure Control Algorithms is also the developer of ESCORT (Eigenstructure Control Research Toolbox) available from http://www.escortool.com

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