This book has been inspired by the portfolio of recent scientific outputs from a range of European and national research initiatives in cognitive science.  It presents an overview of recent developments in cognition research and unites the various emerging research strands within a single text as a reference point for progress in the subject.  It also provides guidance for new researchers on the breadth of the field and the interconnections between the various research strands identified here. 

Advances in Cognitive Systems brings together a wide range of material from leading workers in the field as well as the outputs from research groups around the world, covering the two principal cognition paradigms of cognitivism and emergence.  Furthermore it suggests some interesting lines of thought about the challenges and opportunities for future work within the field and for promoting the various research agendas highlighted within. 

About the Editors: Samia Nefti-Meziani is based at the University of Salford, and John Gray at the Italian Institute of Technology.

Book readership

This compilation will be of interest not only to those working in the fields of computer science and AI but also to psychologists, neural scientists, researchers in information science, and engineers involved in the development of advanced robotics, mechatronic systems and HCI systems. 

Book contents

The embodiment paradigm and the emerging cognitive architecture.  Cognitivism versus Emergentism.  Humanoid robotic development.  Interaction with symbolic systems. Understanding bodily anticipation.  Understanding and modelling chaotic behaviour.  Modelling dynamic social complexity.  Understanding speech production.  Realistic behaviour in game playing.  The effect of music on emotional reactions.  Diversity in cognitive methods.

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