Analysis and Design of Reset Control Systems

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  • Book title: Analysis and Design of Reset Control Systems

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  • Year: 2015

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Reset control is concerned with how to reset a system when it is disturbed, to overcome the inherent limitations of linear feedback control and to improve robustness. It has found applications in many practical systems including flexible mechanical systems, tape-speed control systems and high precision positioning systems.

Analysis and Design of Reset Control Systems provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory of reset control. It draws on the authors’ own research and that of others to explore the application of reset control in a variety of settings, with an emphasis on hard disk drive servo systems.

Topics covered includes;

  • Basic concepts of reset control systems
  • How the reset matrix affects the frequency domain property of a system
  • Recent developments on stability analysis of reset control systems
  • Robust stability of reset control systems with uncertainties
  • Reset control systems with discrete-time reset conditions
  • Optimal reset control design under fixed reset time instants
  • Reset control systems with conic jump sets

About the Authors

Yuqian Guo is an Associate Professor at the School of Information Science and Engineering, Central South University, China, where his research interests include nonlinear control, reset control, hybrid systems, port-controlled Hamiltonian systems and robust control.

Lihua Xie is a Professor and the Head of Control and Instrumentation Division at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His research interests include robust control and estimation, networked control systems, multi-agent networks, and disk drive servo. In these areas, he has published over 210 journal papers and co-authored two patents and four books. He has served as an Associate Editor of a number of journals and is Fellow of IEEE and IFAC.

Wang Youyi is a Professor in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.  He has published over 240 international journal and conference papers on system theory, stability analysis, information storage systems, power and energy systems and control theory applications. Currently, Dr. Wang is Deputy Directors of Protective Technology Research Center (NTU-MINDEF) and Center for Smart Energy Systems and Principal Investigator of Center for Mechanics of Micro-Systems, and a senior member of IEEE Control Systems Society and IEEE Power Engineering Society.


Book readership

Analysis and Design of Reset Control Systems is essential reading for researchers, postgraduates and advanced students in control theory. This book will also be useful for research-based engineers who are interested in the theory of hybrid control systems and their engineering applications.

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