Knowledge-based Systems for Industrial Control

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  • Year: 1990

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  • ISBN: 978-0-86341-221-9

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Part 1 - Background for knowledge-based control: Holistic approaches in knowledge-based process control; introduction to knowledge-based systems for process control; basic theory and algorithms for fuzzy sets and logic; knowledge engineering and process control. 

Part 2 - Artificial intelligence issues: Cognitive models from subcognitive skills; a review of the approaches to the qualitative modelling of complex systems; solving process engineering problems using artificial neural networks; parallel processing architecture for real-time control.

Part 3 - Applications of knowledge expertise: Overview of artificial intelligence tools; application of fuzzy logic to control and estimation problems; real-time knowledge-based systems in fermentation supervisory control; machine-learned rule-base control; expert systems for self-tuning control; case studies in condition monitoring; COGSYS - the real-time expert system builder; application of COGSYS to a small gas-processing plant.

Part 4 - Deductive control issues: Expert system issues for multivariable control; design of LOG and H-multivariable robust controllers for process control applications. Index.

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Electrical / control / systems engineers.

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