People in Control: human factors in control room design

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  • Year: 2001

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-978-6

  • Pagination: 344pp.

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Scope: The aim of this book is to provide state-of-the-art information on various aspects of human-machine interaction and human-centred issues encountered in the control room setting. As industrial processes have become more automated, there is increasing concern about the performance of the people who control these systems. Human error is increasingly cited as the cause of accidents across many sectors of industry. 

This book is written primarily by engineers, for engineers involved with human factor issues. Based on a successful multi-disciplinary conference on the subject, and illustrated with useful case studies, this book is essential reading for all students, engineering professionals, and managers interested in machine-human interactions.

Book review

"People in Control is a useful addition to the literature on human factors in control room design and operation...Designers, engineers and human factors practioners in industry who wish to gain a good introduction to the theoretical and practical issues relevant to control room design will benefit from this book." Steve Shorrock, DNV Consulting, Stockport, Cheshire

Book readership

Control engineers, industrial engineers, researchers and managers in human-factors and ergonomics.


Industrial, professional, academic, reference.

Book contents

Preface: Humans and technology by Erik Hollnagel; 

Part 1 - Human Performance; 1: Human error by Jan Noyes; 2: Memory and complex systems by Malcolm Cook; 3: Vigilance by Craig Donald; 4: Situational awareness by Carl Sandom; 5: Supporting control room teamwork by Raph Pascual, Matthew Mills & Simon Henderson; 6: Training for control room tasks by Andrew Shepherd; 

Part 2 - Methods; 7: Humans and machines: allocation of function by Neville Moray; 8: Task analysis by Les Ainsworth; 9: Training teams by Raph Pascual, Matthew Mills & Simon Henderson; 10: Naturalistic analysis of control room activities by Paul Luff & Christian Heath; 11: Development of a railway ergonomics control assessment package by Lucy Cordiner & Sarah Nichols and John Wilson; 

Part 3 - Control Room Design; 12: Control room mock-up trials by John Wood; 13: The design of control room alarm systems by Matthew Bransby; 14: Decision support by Charlotte Skourup & Arthur Aune; 15: Train controllers, interface design and mental workload by Wendy MacDonald; 16: Power generation: the advanced control desk by Andy Lichnowski & Chris Dicken; 17: Human centred design for railway applications by Lynne Collis and Felix Schmid; 18: Integrated platform management system design for future naval warships by Iain MacLeod & Derek Smeall.

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