Power-plant Control and Instrumentation

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  • Year: 1999

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Scope: The book describes the systems and equipment used for measuring and controlling boilers and heat-recovery steam-generators used in land and marine power plant and in process industries. It is intended as a practical guide to the design, installation, operation and maintenance of these systems. Starting with descriptions of how each area of the plant operates, it shows how the relevant control systems have evolved, how they are implemented in modern systems and how to evaluate the merits of alternative approaches.

Developments in control technology have brought opportunities for the power industry in terms of energy efficiency and safety, but also the risk of a comprehension gap between control specialists and power plant engineers. This practically-oriented book bridges the gap. Contents includes a wide variety of plant and combustion arrangements, from smaller boiler systems to full-scale generators, common principles, commercial aspects, measurement, and key techniques such as cogeneration and combined cycle.

See also: Thermal Power Plant Control and Instrumentation: The control of boilers and HRSGs. 2nd Edition

Book review

"This book provides a practical and comprehensive analysis of control systems for boilers and heat-recovery steam generators in a variety of applications [and] will provide invaluable practical guidance for systems engineers, operators, maintenance staff and specifiers of power-plant control and instrumentation systems." IEEE Power Engineering Review

Book readership

Control engineers and electrical engineers in industry; engineering students.


Professional; reference; senior undergraduate and postgraduate.

Book contents

1: Basics of steam generation and use; 2: Steam and water circuits; 3: Fuel, air and flue-gas circuits; 4: Setting the demand for the steam generator; 5: Combustion and draught control; 6: Feed-water control and instrumentation; 7: Steam temperature control; 8: Control equipment practice; 9: Requirements definition and equipment nomenclature; 10: Upgrading and refurbishing systems; Index.

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