Control Engineering Solutions: a practical approach

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  • Year: 1996

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-829-1

  • Pagination: 319pp.

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Scope: This unusual book addresses a number of common control problems from an experimental engineering perspective, using low-cost, laboratory systems. In each case a laboratory set-up and experiments are described, along with theoretical context and results from implementation. It therefore complements conventional theoretical books and textbooks. It is highly international, emanating from a European Tempus project (IMPACT). In addition to its value to teachers of control, as well as students, it will be of interest to practising control engineers seeking new insight to their own practical problems.

Book readership

Electrical / control / systems engineers.

Book contents

Process model identification; Analogue controller design; Classic controller design; Intergral wind-up in control and system simulation; Control of unstable systems; The problem of delays in temperature and heatflow rate control; Inverted pendulum control; Disturbance rejection; Multivariable process control; Predictive vs PID control of thermal treatment processes; State-space adaptive control for non-linear systems; Distributed process control; Fuzzy control demonstrated with the inverted pendulum; Adaptive control supervision; Model-based fault detection - an on-line supervision concept; Microcomputer-based implementations for dc motor drive control; Software design for real-time systems; Index.

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