Symbolic Methods in Control System Analysis and Design

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  • Year: 1999

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Scope: Symbolic computing is making a significant impact in the control field. This title provides a comprehensive volume dealing with symbolic algebra computing techniques. Organised in four parts, topics include system modelling, system analysis, design methods, synthesis methods and nonlinear aspects and the coverage includes practical applications and tools in addition to the theoretical aspects of the subject. The authorship comprises a respected range of leading international experts in the field.

Book review

"[This book] is suitable for postgraduate students and researchers in control systems and would be particularly useful to those applying or intending to apply symbolic computation in the control area. The book covers wide range of topics [and] is a good source of information and references on [this] important and interesting topic..." IEEE Control Systems

"The topic of symbolic computing has been in great need of a book to provide an up-to-date treatment of the significant impact made by it in the field of control engineering. This volume fills this need in an able and instructive manner. It is good to see the valuable expertise of the contributors reflected in its pages." Current Engineering Practice

Book readership

Computing and control engineering researchers and practitioners in academia and industry.


Professional; graduate; reference.

Book contents

Introduction; 1: Symbolic modelling and analysis of nonlinear systems (H. Barker); 2: Symbolic computation for manipulation of hierarchical bond graphs (P. Gawthrop & D. Ballance); 3: A survey of customised computer algebra programs for multibody dynamic modelling (I. Brown & P. Larcombe); 4: Robust control under parametric uncertainty. Part I: Analysis (L. Keel & S. Bhattacharyya); 5: Using differential and real algebra in control (S. Glad & M. Jirstrand); 

6: Approximate algebraic computations of algebraic invariants (N. Karcanias & M. Mitrouli); 7: Robust stability conditions for MIMO systems with parametric uncertainty (E. Kontogiannis & N. Munro); 8: Robust control under parametric uncertainty (L. Keel & S. Bhattacharyya); 9: Dynamic sliding mode control design using symbolic algebra tools (S. Spurgeon & X. Lu); 10: Pole assignment for uncertain systems (M. Söylemez & N. Munro); 

11: Algebraic, algebro-geometric methods and symbolic computations in linear control problems (N. Karcanias, D. Vafiadis & J. Leventides); 12: Symbolic aids for modelling, analysis, and synthesis of nonlinear control systems (B. de Jager); 13: Symbolic methods for global optimisation (E. Smith & C. Pantelides); 14: Solving strict polynomial inequalities by Bernstein expansion (J. Garloff & B. Graf); Index.

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