Robots and Automated Manufacture

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  • Year: 1984

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To serve its purpose, an industrial robot must be harnessed to a manufacturing task, be it welding, assembly, adjustment or the inspection of food products.  Complex tasks are likely to require offline programming, both for economy of equipment use and to permit computer simulations for collision avoidance. Vision and other sensory systems are helping to extend the capabilities of robots, while programming techniques are making their use more accessible to the shop floor.  The authors have addressed these and many other subjects in a volume which are of value industry and to robotic researchers alike.

Book contents

Editor's Introduction. 

A Novel Steering Mechanism for Legged Robots. 

The Use of Simulation in the Off-line Programming of Robots. 

The Practical Problems Involved in Off-line Programming a Robot from a CAD System. 

The Application of Rule Based Methods to Inspection and Quality Control in a Manufacturing Process. 

Automatic Location Editing of Assembly Robot Programs. Dynamic Analysis of Industrial Robots Using Decentralised Control Vial Kinematics. 

Collision Avoidance Between Robots Operating in the Same Cell. 

Flexible Automated Assembly Systems. 

Autonomous Assembly Devices and Related Control Strategies. 

An Aid to Effective Off-line Programming of Assembly Robots. 

Robot Force Sensing Using Stochastic Monitoring of the Actuator Torque. 

Precise Measurement of Radial Dimensions in Automatic Visual Inspection and Quality Control - A New Approach. 

Visual Feedback Control for Orientating Parts in an Assembly Robot Cycle. 

Automation and Robotisation in Welding - the UK Scene. Practical Industrial Low Cost Vision for Welding Robots and Automated Welding Machines. 

A High-speed Pattern Recognition System for Robotic Applications. 

A Vision System for the Identification of Motor Car Headlamp Reflectors for Robotic Assembly. 


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