Variable Structure Systems: from principles to implementation

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  • Year: 2004

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  • ISBN: 978-0-86341-350-6

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Scope: Variable structure systems (or sliding mode control systems) are nonlinear automatic control systems whose structures are deliberately allowed to change, so that robust performance is obtained. This allows the design of high performance control systems that can be reliably and easily implemented at low cost. 

This book is unique in that it aims to fulfil the definite need for an accessible book on variable structure systems and also provides the very latest results in research on this topic. Divided into three parts - basics of sliding mode control, new trends in sliding mode control, and applications of sliding mode control - the book contains many numerical design examples, so that the readers can quickly understand the design methodologies and their applications to practical problems.

About the Authors: Asif Sabanovic is a full professor at Sabanci University, Istanbul.  From 1991he has been with the University of Sarajevo, Department of Electrical Engineering. 

Leonid M Fridman is currently with the Department of Postgraduate Study and Investigations of Engineering Faculty at National of Autonomous University of  Mexico, Mexico. 

Sarah Spurgeon is a professor with the Control and Instrumentation Group at the University of Leicester, UK.  She is Series Editor for the IEE Control Series.

Book readership

Primarily aimed at students and researchers, in the field, the book will also be useful for practising control engineers.

Book contents

Sliding Mode Control Theory. Variable Structure Systems and Sliding Mode Control. Sliding Mode Regulator Desgin. Deterministic Output Noise Effects in Sliding Mode Observation. Stochastic Output Noise Effects in Sliding Mode Observation. Discrete VSS. New Trends in Sliding Mode Control. Robustness Issues of 2-Sliding Mode Control. Sliding Modes, Delta Modulation and Output Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems. Analysis of Sliding Mode in the Frequency Domain. Output Tracking in Casual Nonminimum-Phase Systems Using Sliding Modes. Sliding Mode Control and Chaos. 

Applications of Sliding Mode Control. Sliding Modes in Fuzzy and Neural Networks Systems. SMC Applications in Power Electronics. Sliding Modes in Motion Control Systems. Sliding Mode Control for Automatic Applications. The Application of Sliding Mode Control Algorithms to a Diesel Generator Set. Motion Control of Underwater Objects by Using Second Order Sliding Mode Techniques. Semiglobal Stabilization of Linear Uncertain Systems via Delayed Relayed Control.

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