This book treats the theory and practice of temperature measurement and control and important related topics such as energy management and air pollution.  There are no specific prerequisites for the book although a knowledge of elementary control theory could be useful. The first half of the book is an application oriented survey of temperature measurement techniques and devices.  The second half is concerned mainly with temperature control in both simple and complex situations.

Book contents

Preface. Acknowledgements. Short List of Principal Abbreviations. Definitions of Temperature and Heat. Brief Review of Simple Indicating Thermometers for Low-cost Temperature Measurement in the -30oC +400oC Range. Thermocouples. Resistance Thermometers and Thermistors. 

Radiation Thermometry. New Developments in Temperature Sensors. Commonly Arising Industrial Temperature-measurement Problems. Heat Sources. Heat Sources: Non-combustion Aspects. 

Temperature Control - 1: On-off Control. Temperature Control - 2: Criteria and Techniques for Design of Controllers for Use With Continuously Variable Actuators. Temperature Control - 3: Control of Spatial Temperature Distribution. Temperature Control - 4: Some Illustrative Applications. Commercially Available Temperature Controllers. Temperature Control in Buildings. Energy Conservation. General References. Appendix: A Review of Some Basic Definitions and Some Thermodynamic Fundamentals. Index.

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