Genetic Algorithms in Engineering Systems

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  • Year: 1997

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-902-1

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Scope: Arising out of the highly successful 1st IEE/IEEE International Conference on Genetic Algorithms in Engineering Systems: Innovations and Applications (GALESIA '95), held at the University of Sheffield UK, this book comprises commissioned papers from some of the highest quality contributions to the conference. Chosen for their experience in the field, the authorship is international and drawn from academia and industry. The chapters cover the main fields of work as well as presenting tutorial material in this important subject, which is currently receiving considerable attention from engineers.

Book readership

Computing and control engineering researchers and practitioners in academia and industry.


Professional; graduate; reference.

Book contents

Introduction; 1: Introduction to genetic algorithms (A.J. Chipperfield); 2: Genetic algorithms in control (J.J. Grefenstette); 3: Multiobjective genetic algorithms (C.M. Fonseca & P.J. Flemming); 4: Constraint problems GAs and fuzzy logic (R. Pearce); 5: Evolution of neural networks (S.M. Lucas); 6: Chaotic system identification (R.C. Caponetto, M. Lavorgna, L. Fortuna & G. Manganaro); 7: Job-shop (T. Yamada & R. Nakano); 8: Robotics (A.M.S. Zalzala, M.C. Ang, M. Chen, A.S. Rana & G. Wang); 9: Aerodynamic inverse optimism problems (S. Obayashi); Genetic design of VLSI-layouts (V. Schenecke); Index.

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