Design of Modern Control Systems

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  • Year: 1981

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This book presents developments in analysis and design techniques for control systems.  Included are exciting results for feedback systems using complex variable methods, the important concept of robustness in controller design and the increasingly important topic of decentralised control for large scale systems. 

The book also illustrates the great activity and rapid progress which has taken place in the subject over the past few years.  Application of the theoretical developments and practical aspects of the subject are not forgotten; analysis and design of a nuclear boiler and some direct digital control system design procedures are but two topics discussed.  Several of the chapters are followed by  problems on the subject matter and worked solutions to most of these problems are given at the end of the book.

Book contents

State-space Theory. Complex Variable Methods in Feedback Systems Analysis and Design. Robustness in Variable Control Systems Design. A Design Study Using the Characteristic Locus Method. The Inverse Nyquist Array Design Method. Analysis and Design of a Nuclear Boiler Control Scheme. Optimal Control. Control System Design Via Mathematicl Programming. Optimisation in Multivariable Design. Pole Assignment. Nonlinear Systems. Some DDC System Design Procedures. Robust Controller Design. Control of Distributed Parameter Systems. Decentralised Control. Concluding Remarks. Solutions. Index.

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