Programming Industrial Control Systems Using IEC 1131-3: revised edition

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  • Year: 1998

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Scope: The PLC is the device at the heart of most automated control systems and instrumentation in industry. Many different programming languages have been used to write these programs in the past with the result that PLCs from different manufacturers can often be incompatible, vastly increasing the difficulty of operating and maintaining the devices, and making linked application systems extremely complex. The IEC published standard IEC 1131-3 in December 1993 in order to make progress towards an 'open system' environment. 

The first edition of this book was the first user guide and tutorial to the standard and remains the leading title on the subject. This new revision includes all IEC proposed amendments and corrections for the planned 1999 revision of IEC 1131-3, as agreed by the IEC working group. It accurately describes the languages and concepts, and interprets the standard for practical implementation and applications.

Book review

"Not only does Lewis thoroughly cover the here and now, he also offers a summary of developments that will influence the next generation of PLC languages. Students and engineers alike will enjoy this well written resource." Industrial Computing

"An excellent user guide and reference and highly recommended and likely to become a standard text." Computing & Control Engineering Journal


Reference; professional engineering; postgraduate.

Book contents

1: Introduction; 2: IEC 1131-3 concepts; 3: Common elements; 4: Structured text; 5: Function block diagram; 6: Ladder diagram; 7: Instruction list; 8: Sequential function chart; 9: Function blocks; 10: Programming example; 11: Programming station facilities; 12: Communications; Appendix 1: IEC 1131-3 keywords; Appendix 2: IEC 1131-3 amendments; Appendix 3: IEC 1131-3 frequently asked questions; Appendix 4: IEC 1131-3 future developments; Bibliography; Index. Readership: Control and systems engineering; industrial engineering; electrical/electronics engineering; software engineers.

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