Active Sound and Vibration Control: theory and applications

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  • Year: 2002

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Scope: This book presents the established fundamentals in the area of active sound and vibration control as well as exploring the new and emerging technologies and techniques. There has been a considerable amount of effort devoted to the development and realisation of methodologies for control of sound and vibration, and this book covers the latest theoretical, algorithmic and practical applications including: noise control in 3D propagation, adaptive algorithms, prediction, processing and tuning, neuro-active control, control of microvibrations, and noise reduction in locomotives and vehicles.

Book review

" excellent addition to the literature that, because of the variety of authors, provides a well-balanced presentation of the important area of active noise and vibration control." Steve Daley, IEE Review, November 2003.

"... this is well-balanced and well-written book in the subject of active control and sound and vibration. It covers both the theory and application of a wide range of modern control techniques and applications. The book benefits from contributions from many internationally recognized specialists and should be essential reading for any researcher or practising engineer in the field." M.N. Sahinkaya. Proc. Inst. Mech. Engrs, Part I, Systems and Control Engineering, Vol. 218, No. I6, 2004.

Book readership

Electrical, mechanical, and control engineers, designers and researchers, interested in noise and vibration control.


Professional, academic reference.

Book contents

Foreword; Part I - Review of Fundamentals; 1: An overview of ASVC, D. Guicking; 2: Active control of noise in three-dimensional propagation, M. Tokhi and K. Mamour; 3: Adaptive methods in active control, S. Elliott; 

Part II - Recent algorithmic developments; 4: Multichannel active noise control, T. Shimizu et al.; 5: Adaptive harmonic control, S. Veres and T. Meurers; 6: Model-free iterative tuning, T. Meurers and S. Veres; 7: Model-based control design for AVC, S. Veres; 8: ANVC using neural networks, M. Tokhi and R. Wood; 9: Genetic algorithms for ASVC systems, C. Hansen et al.; 

Part III - Applications; 10: ANC around a human's head, S. Honda and H. Hamada; 11: Active control of microvibrations, G. Agliette et al ; 12: Vibration control of manipulators, M. Tokhi et al.; 13: ANC in an electric locomotive, M. Viscardi et al.; 14: ANC for road noise attenuation, Y. Park et al.; 15: Techniques of real-time processing, M. Tokhi and M. Hossain; 

References; Bibliography.

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