Neural Network Applications in Control

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  • Year: 1995

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-852-9

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Scope: Neural networks are an exciting technology of growing importance in real industrial situations, particularly in control and systems. This book aims to give a detailed appreciation of the use of neural nets in these applications; The book introduces a wide variety of network types, including Kohenen nets, n-tuple nets and radial basis function networks, as well as the more useful multi-layer perception back-propagation networks. It begins by describing the basic principles and some essential design features, then goes on to examine in depth several application studies illustrating a range of advanced approaches to the topic.

Book contents

Neural networks: an introduction; Digital neural networks; Fundamentals of neurocontrol: a survey; Selection of neural network structures: some approximation theory guidelines; Electric power and chemical process applications; Studies in artificial neural network based control; Applications of dynamic artificial neural networks in state estimation and nonlinear process control; Speech, vision and colour applications; Real-time drive control with neural networks; Fuzzy-neural control in intensive-care blood pressure management; Neural networks and system identification; Neurofuzzy adaptive modelling and construction of nonlinear dynamical processes; Index.

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