SysML for Systems Engineering, 3rd Edition: A model-based approach

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  • Book title: SysML for Systems Engineering, 3rd Edition: A model-based approach

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  • Year: 2018

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Systems Modelling Language (SysML) is a tailored version of the unified modelling language (UML) that meets the needs of today’s systems engineering professionals and engineers. It supports the specification, analysis, design, verification and validation of a broad range of systems and systems-of-systems, including hardware, software, information, personnel, procedures, and facilities in
a graphical notation.  

SysML for Systems Engineering: A Model-Based Approach provides a comprehensive overview on how to implement SysML and Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) in an organisation in order to model real projects effectively and efficiently. Topics covered include approach and concepts; SysML notation; diagramming guidelines; process and requirements modelling with MBSE; architectures and architectural frameworks with MBSE; value chain modelling; deploying MBSE; the benefits of MBSE; the ‘people’, the ‘process’ and the ‘tool’; model structure and management; and model maturity. A detailed case study is included to illustrate the key concepts.

Fully updated and revised to reflect the latest version of the standard (SysML 1.5, released in May 2017), this new edition also includes new chapters on the benefits of MBSE, model management, model maturity and value chain modelling.

About the Authors 

Jon Holt is an internationally-recognised expert in the field of Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE). He is an award-winning author and public speaker and has authored 12 books on MBSE and its applications. Since 2014 he has been a director and consultant for Scarecrow Consultants, who are experts in the field of MBSE. He is also a Professor of Systems Engineering at Cranfield University, UK. He is a Fellow of both the IET and the BCS and a Chartered Engineer and Chartered IT Professional. He is currently the Technical Director of INCOSE UK. He is also actively involved in the promotion of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) where he uses magic, mind-reading and occasional escapology to promote Systems Engineering at science festivals. He has authored the children’s STEM book ‘Think Engineer’.

Simon Perry is an expert in the field of Model-Based Systems Engineering. He regularly speaks at systems engineering conferences and is the author of eight books on systems engineering and related topics. Since 2014 he has been a director and consultant for Scarecrow Consultants, who are experts in the field of MBSE. He delivers systems engineering training and consultancy to customers and carries out research in many aspects of systems engineering. He works for industry, government and academia, and he has applied his work across many disciplines in a wide range of industries including the defence, nuclear, timber engineering, finance, train manufacturing and automotive industries. Speaking at events, writing books and teaching training courses and workshops have given Simon a great experience in communicating technical concepts to non-domain experts and to non-technical audiences. 

Book readership

A comprehensive overview for systems and IT engineers, managers, and architects, process modellers and managers and program managers, and students and lecturers in systems and IT engineering. 

Book contents

This information is provisional and will be updated prior to publication

Part 1: Introduction to model-based Systems Engineering

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Approach

Chapter 3: MBSE Concepts

Part 2: Modelling

Chapter 4: Introduction to SysML and Systems Modelling

Chapter 5: The SysML Notation

Chapter 6: Diagramming Guidelines


Part 3: Applications

Chapter 7: Process Modelling with MBSE

Chapter 8: Expanded Process Modelling

Chapter 9: Requirements Modelling with MBSE

Chapter 10: Expanded Requirements Modelling: Systems of Systems

Chapter 11: Architectures and Architectural Frameworks with MBSE

Chapter 12: Value Chain Modelling


Part 4: Case Study

Chapter 13: Case Study Introduction and Architectural Framework

Chapter 14: The Case Study


Part 5: Deploying MBSE

Chapter 15: Benefits of MBSE

Chapter 16: The ‘People’

Chapter 17: The ‘Process’

Chapter 18: The ‘Tool’

Chapter 19: Model Structure and Management

Chapter 20: Model Maturity


Part 6: Annex

Appendix A: Ontology and Glossary

Appendix B: Summary of SysML Notation

Appendix C: Process Model for ISO15288:2015

Appendix D: Competency Framework

Appendix E: The MBSE Memory Palace

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