Model-Based Requirements Engineering

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  • Year: 2011

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  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-487-7

  • Pagination: 360 pp.

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This book provides a hands-on introduction to model-based requirements engineering and management by describing a set of views that form the basis for the approach. These views take into account each individual requirement in terms of its description, but then also provide each requirement with meaning by putting it into the correct ‘context’.

Model-based systems engineering is concerned with applying a structured approach to realising successful systems, where models provide the main basis for all project and system outputs. Key to any successful systems engineering initiative is having a well-defined, rigorous and scalable process for model-based requirements engineering and management. Such an approach should also be tool-independent and allow itself to be realised using any tool or combination of tools, ranging from paper-based to fully integrated tool chain implementations of the process.

The book also looks at the crucial question of modelling notations for requirements modelling and includes discussions on the use and application of UML, SysML, text and tabular formats.

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Systems engineers, requirements engineers, software engineers, systems managers, requirements managers, systems modellers and students.

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