Intelligent Distributed Video Surveillance Systems

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  • Year: 2006

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  • ISBN: 978-0-86341-504-3

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Scope: Conventional video surveillance, where people sit in front of banks of TV monitors may soon become obsolete as key enabling technologies develop. This book details recent developments in machine vision algorithms capable of handling complex  visual data acquired by camera systems. It also explores advances in distributed computing and distributed intelligence systems, capable of handling numerous devices and adapting to the evolution of the complex communication networks, thereby inferring a better interpretation of the dynamics of people and objects.

About the Editors

Dr. Sergio Velastin obtained his PhD from the University of Manchester for work on vision systems for pedestrian and vehicular monitoring. He has led the Video Research Laboratory at King’s College London and then joined the Digital Imaging Research Centre (DIRC) at Kingston University, where he is currently a Reader.  He has chaired three consecutive IEE International Symposia on distributed surveillance systems and imaging.

Dr. Paolo Remagnino is at the Digital Imaging Research Centre at Kingston University. He is an active researcher in the fields of image understanding, computer vision and artificial intelligence. He specialises in the development of methods for the automatic understanding of images and dynamic scenes captured by single and multi-camera systems.

Book readership

Of interest to computer vision researchers, scientists and engineers.

Book contents

A Review of the State-Of-The-Art in Distributed Surveillance Systems. Monitoring Practice: Event Detection and System Design. A Distributed Database for Effective Management and Evaluation of CCTV Systems. A Distributed Domotic Surveillance System. A General Purpose System for Distributed Surveillance and Communication. Tracking Objects Across Uncalibrated, Arbitrary Topology Camera Networks. A Distributed Multi-Sensor Surveillance System for Public Transport Applications. Tracking Football Players with Multiple Cameras. A Hierarchical Multi-Sensor Framework for Event Detection in Wide Environments. Epilogue. Index.

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