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Systems on Chip (SoC) for communications, multimedia and computer applications have recently received much international attention; one such example being the single-chip transceiver. Modern microelectronic design adopts a mixed-signal approach as a complex SoC is a mixed-signal system including both analogue and digital circuits. Automatic testing becomes crucially important to drive down the overall cost of next generation SoC devices. 

Test and fault diagnosis of analogue, mixed-signal and RF circuits, however, proves much more difficult than that of digital circuits due to tolerances, parasitics and nonlinearities and therefore, together with challenging tuning and calibration, remains the bottleneck for automatic SoC testing. 

This book provides a comprehensive discussion of automatic testing, diagnosis and tuning of analogue, mixed-signal and RF integrated circuits, and systems in a single source. The book contains eleven chapters written by leading researchers worldwide. As well as fundamental concepts and techniques, the book reports systematically the state of the arts and future research directions of these areas. A complete range of circuit components are covered and test issues are also addressed from the SoC perspective. 

An essential reference companion to researchers and engineers in mixed-signal testing, the book can also be used as a text for postgraduate and senior undergraduate students.

About the Editor

Yichuang Sun received his Ph.D. from the University of York and is currently Professor at the University of Hertfordshire. His research interests are in analogue and mixed-signal, RF and communication circuits, circuit testing and fault diagnosis, coding and signal detection, space-time and MIMO communications, and wireless and mobile networks. 

He has published three books and over 180 papers. Professor Sun has been a book series editor for the IET, guest editor of four special issues for IET journals, and Track Chair and committee member for many international conferences. He is editor of ETRI Journal of South Korea and serves on several IEEE committees.

Book contents

Fault diagnosis of linear and non-linear analogue circuits. Symbolic function approaches for analogue fault diagnosis. Neural-network-based approaches for analogue circuit fault diagnosis. Hierarchical/decomposition techniques for large-scale analogue diagnosis. DFT and BIST techniques for analogue and mixed-signal test. Design-for-testability of analogue filters. Test of A/D converters: From converter characteristics to built-in self-test proposals. Test of Sigma Delta converters. Phase-locked loop test methodologies: Current characterization and production test practices. On-chip testing techniques for RF wireless transceiver systems and components. Tuning and calibration of analogue, mixed-signal and RF circuits. Index


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