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The inexorable increase in levels of integration of electronic circuits has most often been exploited using digital signals.  So much so that design engineers have sought to digitise analogue signals as early as possible in the signal processing chain, and performed digital processing wherever practicable.  However, it is increasingly being accepted that such an approach is not appropriate for many applications, and that circuits which combine analogue and digital signals can provide superior solutions.

This wide ranging book on the subject of mixed analogue digital ASIC s comprises eighteen chapters contributed by leading academics and practising engineers in industry.  The chapters are arranged in four sections: Processing Technology; Circuit Techniques and Building Blocks; Design and Applications; and CAD and Supporting Tools.

Book contents

Introduction. Technology and Modeling Aspects of an Advanced BiCMOS ASIC Process. High Performance Operational Amplifiers and Comparators. Switched Capacitor Filters. Switched Current Techniques for Analogue Sampled Data Signal Processing. Data Convertors. Oversampling Converters. Self-calibrating and Algorithmic Converters. 

A High Flexibility BiCMOS Standard Cell Library for Mixed Analogue-digital ASICs. Practical Aspects of Mixed Analogue-digital Design. Some Applications of Mixed Signal ASICs. A Video Communication Application of an Analogue-digital ASIC. High Level Simulation and Hardware Description Languages. 

Circuit Level/Gate Level Mixed-mode Simulation. Tesign Mixed Analogue-digital Circuits. Towards High Level Synthesis of Mixed Signal ASICs. Automated High Level Synthesis of Data Conversation Systems. Automated Analogue Design.

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