Distributed Feedback Semiconductor Lasers

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  • Year: 1998

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-917-5

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As laser diodes continue to increase in use and versatility so their design has become more sophisticated, requiring extensive physical and mathematical modelling. Concentrating on presenting a thorough analysis of DFB lasers from a level suitable for research students, the book emphasises understanding of fundamental principles and gives extensive coverage of computer aided modelling techniques. It is supported by a suite of Matlab programs. You can download these from the link below. If you experience any issues with the download, please contact books@theiet.org.

Download the Matlab program files here

Book review

"A wonderful book. Although it is principally a research review of the design and modelling of DFB lasers, this is a remarkably powerful and accessible text." Optical and Quantum Electronics, 1999

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