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Scope: This book brings together leading researchers to highlight recent advances and identify promising directions for future development. Motivated by the market for mobile and wireless communications, fully integrated analogue filters for high-frequency applications are now receiving great interest world-wide. Chapters are dedicated to Gm-C filters, MOSFET-C filters, active-LC filters, log-domain filters, switched-current filters, adaptive analogue filters and on-chip automatic filter tuning.The topical nature of the book and calibre of the authors ensures that this book will be of wide interest to the electronics community world-wide.

Book readership

Research engineers and postgraduate level students of electronic engineering; circuit and analogue filter designers.


Postgraduate, professional, reference.

Book contents

Preface 1: Architectures and design of OTA/g m-C filters, Yichuang Sun; 2:The MOSFET-C technique: designing power efficient, high frequency filters, Mihai Banu and Yannis Tsividis; 3: Active filters using integrated inductors, Dandan Li and Yannis Tsividis; 4: Log domain filters, Douglas Frey; 5: Low voltage techniques for switched-current filters, John Hughes, Apisak Worapishet and Rungsimant Sitdhikorn; 6: Analogue adaptive filters Anthony Carusone and David A. Johns; 7: On-chip automatic tuning of filters, Rolf Schaumman and Aydin I. Karsilayan; Index.

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