Selected Topics in Advanced Solid-state and Fibre-optic Sensors

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  • Year: 2000

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-779-9

  • Pagination: 265pp.

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Scope: Aimed to be a snapshot of progress in the development of a variety of sensors, used in different application fields, this postgraduate-level book combines the work of leading academic authors. The authors of each chapter describe the principles of operation, characteristics and applications of the sensor-type under consideration, but in addition feature recent advances and prospects for future development. These are areas where advances are ongoing so that there is considerable scope for future development activity. Such sensors are applied in many and varied fields of science, measurement and technology.

Book readership

Electrical/electronics engineers, especially those in instrumentation and analytical science; scientists in diverse application fields (chemistry, biology etc.); applied chemistry and physics.


Postgraduate, reference.

Book contents

1: Introduction, SM Vaezi-Nejad; 2: Recent advances in measurement and instrumentation systems based on optical techniques, S. Hadjiloucas & DA Keating; 3: Recent developments on amplitude, wavelength, phase and polarisation techniques, S Hadjiloucas & DA Keating; 4: Amorphous semiconductor photoreceptors and X-ray image sensors, SM Vaezi-Nejad; 5: Dielectrophoretic sensors for microbiological applications, DWE Allsopp & WB Betts;; 6: Electrically conducting polymers for sensing volatile chemicals, KC Persaud & Siswoyo; 7: Thin film (CIAlPc) phthalocyanine gas sensors, ME Azim-Araghi & A Krier; Index.

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