Construction: Health and Safety 2008/2009

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  • Year: 2009

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With contributions by leading experts and advisors in the field of construction health and safety, this comprehensive handbook is a useful companion for clients, contractors, CDM co-ordinators and managers with responsibility for health, safety and environment in the construction industry. Written in a readable and jargon-free style, it outlines employees' and employers' legal duties and provides clear, practical guidance on how to comply with construction, health and safety and environmental legislation and best practice guidance.

The book is arranged into key subject areas from the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 to High Risk Activities and Occupational Health Hazards, and each chapter is then broken down into a diverse range of topics, such as the Construction Phase Plan, Site Waste Management Plans, Workplace Transport and Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint Systems.

Fully indexed, this book provides an invaluable source of essential construction, health and safety and environmental information.

Book contents

Chemical Hazards. Contracts. Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. Employees Contractors and Visitors. Environmental Management. Fire Safety. High Risk Activities and Hazards. Legal Requirements and Management Responsibilities. Machinery and Work Equipment. Occupational Health Hazards. Protective Safety Equipment

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