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   IET 28 June 2022 04:43 AM

Private messages, your photo, profiles, email notifications - 31 August 2010 03:31 PM

The IET discussion forum is now closely integrated with the MyIET area of the web site, and users of the forum may like to take advantage of some of the features in MyIET.

Private messages

To allow other users to send you private messages, please go to MyIET and set "Contact from other users" to either "Message only" or "Message with email notification".

Your photo

To have your photo display beside your forum posts, go to MyIET and under the Photo heading click the Browse button, select an image to upload and click Upload. For this to display in the forums, under the Profile settings heading tick the "Display my picture in other parts of the site" box and click the Update buton.


Users can choose to create a public profile which is linked from the forum. This will show your latest forum posts and can include a photo, biography, links and feeds from other web sites. To create a profile, go to MyIET.


Conditions of use updated; signatures and other forum hints and tips - 08 January 2009 12:01 AM

The conditions of use were last updated in July 2009. Please read these before posting.

Use of signatures

Many members and other participants in these discussions use signatures to identify themselves to other users. There are examples in many threads. The Institution encourages this very helpful practice (please see the Conditions of Use). You may set a signature in your forum profile. Once set, a signature will appear under all your messages, including those previously posted.


We do not recommend the inclusion of your email address or other contact details, as this may give rise to spam. Instead, you can use the forum's private messaging system to contact other users who have chosen to allow this. Again, this is a profile option. Watch for private messages to you at the top left of forum pages.

Notifications of new messages and threads

If you subscribe to a category (eg "Feedback") or to a thread (a single topic) within a category, you will receive notifications of new messages posted there. You can subscribe to a thread when you yourself add a new message to that thread. You can also subscribe using the Topic Tools button above the first message in the thread. To subscribe to a category, please use the Profile page's Personal Options tab; you will then be notified of new threads as well as messages in existing threads.

A category digest is a single daily email listing the latest messages in the relevant category. This option is on the same tab, below category subscriptions.

Use the My Forums page to review and delete your thread subscriptions.

Please check the information below on More Features of Note for further notification features.

Other options

The Profile link on the forum menu above this message gives you access to a range of options. There are two tabs (Profile and Personal Options). Choices include:

Message Display Order

See the oldest or newest message in a thread (topic) first..

Days Back to View Topics For

The oldest messages that you want to see. Please ensure that this is set to a relatively high number, for example 999. Be aware that some users have forgotten that they set this and then wondered why they could not see older messages!

Subscription Delivery

Would you like notifications of your subscriptions by E-mail or Private Message?


See above. You can also block others' signatures, so that you always see messages without signatures. However, in the IET context, you will probably wish to know who has written the message.

Time Zone

Adjusts the message times displayed when you view the discussions, so that you can see these in your local time.

The Profile visibility and Email visibility options have no significant effect; the ability to display this information has been removed in this implementation to protect privacy.

Options affecting other site services should be changed in My IET. For example, this includes your email address, which is used for discussion subscriptions but also for other Institution services.

More features of note - 30 June 2006 01:57 PM

Some other forum features:

  • Subscription by keyword (as well as by topic and category) so you can choose to be notified of every post containg a specific term.
  • Subscription updates are only sent for the first new posting in a topic instead of for all new postings.
  • Calendar - please feel free to use this but be aware that it is visible to all users.
  • Keyword Watch - similar to subscription by keyword, it lets you use My Forums to watch for posts on a specified subject.
  • Ignore user - don't see posts from a particular user, although of course this will lead to gaps in your reading of a thread.


New here?

  • To participate in discussions, please log in and introduce yourself.

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